Herts & Soul Body Contouring  

Pre and post partum


Many women experience swollen ankles or calves or suffer from 'heavy' legs during their pregnancy; this is due to a slow down of circulation in the lower limbs, due to the compression of the uterus. Endermologie™ can provide a relaxing and soothing massage that will help reduce water retention, aid lymphatic drainage and assist with poor circulation.

Endermologie™ cannot be performed on other parts of the body during pregnancy.


After childbirth, you may be left with little reminders, often unwanted, from your pregnancy, such as cellulite, localised excess fat, circulatory problems (swollen legs) and saggy skin (around the stomach, hips and thighs). Sometimes a caesarean scar can add to this list.

Women want to recover a slim figure, without cellulite, congestion or heavy legs as quickly as possible.

Endermologie™ is an ideal tool for helping you to regain your pre-pregnancy figure. Studies have shown that it helps accelerate lymphatic drainage, aids circulation, reduces water retention and can help slim down those flabby areas. It also helps firm and tone the skin whilst providing a welcome relaxation and tension relieving massage - just what a new mum needs!

Endermologie™ can also help with scarring from a caesarean birth as it prevents or treats any tissue barrier causing the accumulation of fat or fluid stasis. The scar and surrounding area will be treated to help reduce any ‘puckering’ of the skin; fatty build up around the tummy or scar and loose or sagging skin. It is not able to reduce the redness of the scar, only time and specific lotions can help this. Please note that the scar cannot be treated until approximately 6 months after surgery as the wound needs sufficient time to heal.

See the scarring section.