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LPG Liftmassage

The secret to a younger, firmer looking
skin care is in the core of fibroblasts



Around the world, numerous Stimulationclinical studies have proven that the intensive, yet pleasurable LPG Liftmassage stimulation reactivates collagen and elastin production. The deep tissue action redensifies skin as it results youthful contours contours.


To deeply redensify the skin for a
natural face lift effect.

Deep lift


The deep liftmassage action redensifies facial skin

Exclusive technology unites with the practitioners expertise. An exclusive treatment, Liftmassage is based on patented lift-massage technology. Professional treatments may be performed only by a highly trained and certified lift massage

before & after

Liftmassage, the 100% natural technique to deeply re-densify and rejuvenate the skin of the face.

Over time, skin begins to thin. When facial skin loses density, all of the other visible signs of ageing begin to appear, such as: lines, wrinkles, sagging contours and dilated pores.

Lift massage is a unique technique that no surgically redensifies facial skin by stimulating fibroblasts, the cells responsible for collagen production.

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Liftmassage reawakens collagen production to restore youthful elasticity, recontour sagging jaw lines, re-plump ageing skin and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. From the very first session on, you will see and feel a dramatic difference.

Slow Lift 4Hz



The slowest intensity is to particularly well-suited to infiltrated skin

Smooth 8Hz


The medium intensity smoothes lines and wrinkles and revives a dull complexion.


High speed lift 16Hz


The rapid intensity helps repair mature slackening skin and is ideal for uplifting sagging facial contours.




The roll treatment head relaxes facial muscles as it reduces and re-sculpts fatty facial areas (double chin, cheeks ...)


Facial lift

Finally! With Endermolift mechanotransduction, you can naturally revitalise your skin’s collagen and elastin production.

Painlessly. Effortlessly. Instantly.

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