Herts & Soul Body Contouring  


Once the scar is considered stable (generally when it is no longer inflamed) certain complications may arise which could be aesthetic or functional, including:

  • the accumulation of fat or cellulite in the surrounding area which can reduce circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • compression of the small nerves which can cause hypersensitivity making the scarred area painful to the touch
  • injury to the small nerves which may result in reduced sensitivity or loss of feeling
  • a binding scar on a deep level which may impede movement or even effect posture

To limit such complications a scar must be mobilised, made supple and drained. However the location may make manual mobilisation difficult. Endermologieā„¢ can help treat the complications by gradually restoring mobility and functionality. Endermologieā„¢ combines the gentle seizing of tissue and the different rotations of the rollers, ensuring the scar and surrounding tissues receive a unique pain free, non-traumatising exercise that encourages and promotes healing.

Treatment is not usually possible until 6 months after surgery as the wound needs sufficient time to heal.