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Water retention/swollen legs

Water retention can be caused by a variety of conditions, such as, pregnancy, weight fluctuations, venous congestion (varicose veins, thrombosis), hormones or an unhealthy lifestyle. Pain often accompanies these conditions with suffers complaining of ‘heavy legs’.

As the tissues become saturated with water, the lymphatic system is unable to handle drainage of these tissues which in turn can lead to the appearance of ‘soft’ cellulite, seen in the thickening of the calves and ankles. By providing continuous manipulation to the skin and underlying tissues, Endermologieā„¢ aids lymphatic drainage and improves circulation therefore reducing the problem. Put simply, with treatment your system will naturally flush away any excess fluid, toxins and fatty deposits.

During the course of Endermologieā„¢, legs become less sensitive, less swollen and lighter, tissues are refined, the circumference of the treated area may diminish and the infiltrated (‘soft’) cellulite is drained.