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Cellulite is superficial fat that develops in stages over a period of time. It has many causes with the main factors being genetic, poor diet, lack of exercise, hormonal, weight gain and poor hydration.

Cellulite is a result of a build up of fat in the adipocytes (fat cells in the hypodermis) and water retention in the surrounding layers of skin (dermis & hypodermis). Bands of tissue that connect the muscle to the skin (Septa) become tight and fat trapped between the skin is compressed, circulation becomes sluggish which causes a build up of toxins, all these combine to create the ‘dimpled’ or 'orange peel’ effect. The Angel MidhurstAlmost all women have cellulite, even supermodels!

Cellulite can generally be found in the buttocks, hips, thighs, knees and ankles with the more pronounced ‘orange peel’ effect appearing in the upper leg; with the more infiltrated ‘soft’ cellulite causing a thickening of the ankles and calves. Cellulite is nearly always resistant to exercise and diet and cannot be controlled by liposuction.

Endermologie™ is performed by a specially trained and qualified therapist and is applied using the Cellu M6. The Endermologie™ technique manipulates the skin's structure using a unique combination of rolling and aspiration. This process restores the structure of the skin's connective tissue, aiding blood and lymphatic circulation and assisting in the elimination of toxins. Fat deposits and toxins are then simply flushed away by your body’s own system.

Endermologie™ is a non-invasive, painless treatment which results in a slimmer, smoother and firmer silhouette.

Session after session, constant improvement can be seen with photographs being taken before, during and after treatment to document the changes.

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